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Back to School season gets easier with live tips and hands-on help from #MicrosoftEDU

The Back to School season is a hectic period of behind-the-scenes work for educators, school leaders and IT leaders who want their students to walk into a seamless, appropriately set up classroom. Hectic doesn't have to mean hard, though, and the Microsoft Education Team wants to be there for you while you set up your digital classroom, save time and improve learning outcomes... Read more


Be an education change agent and join a Hacking STEM Summer Workshop near you

Our Microsoft Education team is excited to share that four major Hacking STEM Summer Workshops have been added to our program, just before you head back to school in the United States. New locations include Los Angeles, Houston, Fort Lauderdale and New York.   Overview of the professional development workshop   The two-day professional development workshop is... Read more


Educators talk student voice, Flipgrid and Minecraft: Education Edition on July’s #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet

The message from this year's Hack the Classroom event came through loud and clear: Educators want to boost and protect student voice, elevating it above the din of our demanding lives. When students feel heard, feel seen, and feel acknowledged, their motivation to learn grows substantially. Student voice may not take the same form in every classroom - and education leaders... Read more


Making it personal: New approaches for inclusive learning at Wilburton Elementary

Wilburton Elementary is a state-of-the-art school being built from the ground up, following the guidance of the Microsoft Education Transformation Framework, and is a collaborative effort between the Bellevue School District (BSD) and Microsoft. Follow Wilburton’s progress as it happens, from breaking ground, to hiring, to professional development, to becoming a true... Read more

OneNote to the Rescue

Many teachers become overwhelmed by increased expectations around using technology-based methods and other approaches to content delivery, learner support, assessment, and collaboration with other teachers, both inside and outside their schools. There is pressure to use routinely digital strategies in their work with students, to act as guides and mentors in order to... Read more

You’re Not In 2006 Anymore, Toto: The Future Of Education

Content only gets you so far, but learning skills gets your further. We’ve traditionally viewed school as a place to learn content, however where I see it heading is a place to truly develop skills that stand the test of time. That’s exactly what Newlands Intermediate is doing with their Minidevs programme and instead of teaching content they are enabling kids to... Read more