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Collaboration Space Permissions in Teams for EDU OneNote Class Notebooks

Since releasing Collaboration Space permissions for OneNote Class Notebooks in April of 2017 we’ve had many requests to enable these same capabilities for Class Notebooks created in Microsoft Teams for Education. While we are still working to bring these experiences directly into Teams Settings, today we have rolled out the near-term ability to enable both of these... Read more

Second Annual Free Online OneNote Conference Is Jam Packed with Education Talks

Today's post is by Jared DeCamp, organizer of the "Learn OneNote Conference".  November 10th - 13th of the conference focuses exclusively on Education. It has been a year since we shared about the online community driven conference all about OneNote. With a tremendous response from OneNote fans last year, we are excited to share that the Learn OneNote Conference is open... Read more

Microsoft Education and Open Up Resources launch math curriculum pilot

Today we are launching the pilot between Open Up Resources and Microsoft Education. Open Up Resources is a nonprofit working to develop the highest quality full-course OER curricula, standards-aligned, and provided for free to promote instructional equity. This curriculum was developed by Illustrative Mathematics, and currently covers 6th – 8th Grade Math. Any teacher... Read more

Introducing Education Resources, a source of Open Educational Resources within Office 365

Today's post comes from Principal Product Manager, Jim Federico In the Education Product Team, we spend a lot of time in classrooms. We talk to teachers, students, parents, education leaders, curricula specialists, IT professionals, policy writers – pretty much everyone who has anything to do with teaching and learning. In these conversations, we've become aware... Read more

Updates for OneNote Class Notebook Addin and Desktop Learning Tools

Today we are releasing updates for both the Class Notebook Addin and OneNote Desktop Learning Tools addin.  OneNote Desktop Class Notebook Addin – version Earlier today, we launched the Microsoft Education Resources preview, which includes the ability for Teachers to pull in resources directly from the Educator Resources site directly into the OneNote Class... Read more

“My life has been that of a seeker. All my life is learning — both formally and informally.” – Floyd Chanda, Zambia

A willingness to try new things can be just as important for educators as it is for their students. Just ask Floyd Chanda.. “The biggest challenge for education today is to keep up with the pace of the changing technologies — especially in the Third World,” Chanda shares with us. “I am responding to this by encouraging my fellow educators to remain open... Read more