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MIE Expert Vicent Gadea

How MIE Expert Vicent Gadea prepares students for tomorrow’s challenges

For someone who has been teaching for just seven years, Vicent Gadea’s passionate contributions to education speak to a long, passionate history and the beginnings of a new world for learning. Based in Valencia, Spain, this educator and MIE Expert is also a Microsoft Teacher Ambassador, a Skype Master Teacher, and a Microsoft Master trainer. He has built his classrooms... Read more

Microsoft Innovative Educator Joe Fatheree

No ‘typical’ day for Microsoft Innovative Educator Joe Fatheree

We all have that one teacher we’ll never forget. Upon talking to Joe Fatheree, you quickly (if not instantly) realize he is that teacher for so many people – past and present. Joe has received many honors across his 28-year career. He won Illinois Teacher of the Year in 2007, was awarded the NEA National Award for Teaching Excellence in 2009, and last year was named as... Read more

Angeles Soriano gives an educator talk.

Students come together virtually to commemorate a history of amazing women

Àngels Soriano says that to be a great teacher, one must never stop learning. Now in her 17th year of teaching, her goals are to promote lifelong learning among students and to remind educators to be lifelong learners themselves. Based in Valencia, Spain, Àngels and her students are currently working on a project dubbed Women in History, which was inspired by the glaring... Read more

Melanie LeJeune with her Student Avengers

MIE Spotlight: How the OneNote Avengers took off at my school

The MIE Spotlight welcomes Melanie LeJeune, a Technology Coach at St. Louis Catholic High School in Louisiana. Melanie uses OneNote for collaboration and to highlight student voice in education. One of my favorite things is to walk into the Computer Architecture class and say, "Avengers, unite!" I can tell you how the team came together and how it all started with a flash... Read more

MIE Expert Steve Isaacs with students in the classroom.

MIE Expert makes a collaborative world in the classroom with Minecraft

Steve Isaacs has twice encountered epiphanies on his career path. The first came when he was taught game-based learning in high school, before game-based learning was even a thing. The next was realizing it was possible to make a career from mixing his two biggest passions: teaching and technology. Today, he’s built a classroom that paves the way for his students to have... Read more

Brian Aspinall delivers a TED talk on stage.

MIE Trainer uses modern tools to inspire educators and students alike

Teachers have long been the custodians of growth, change and inspiration in their students. Brian Aspinall is adding another layer, dedicating his career to grow, change and inspire educators and education itself, now and into the future. After spending his school years as a keen student and a decade of his professional life shaking things up in the classroom and going... Read more