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Two students sit side by side, working on their writing assignments.

How teachers can check student work for plagiarism in Word with Copyleaks

Suspecting a student of plagiarism is never an ideal situation, no matter if you're the teacher or the student. According to, one in three high school students stated they plagiarized an assignment using the internet. In another survey of 24,000 high school students, 58 percent admitted to plagiarizing, and 95 percent admitted to cheating in some form, including... Read more


5 tips for collaboration in Professional Learning Communities

Teachers are busy people. They must keep up to date with changes in their curriculum, teaching and learning styles, and continue their own learning path. Getting help from peers and leveraging each other’s best practices can be a big time saver. That's why educators can form Professional Learning Communities (PLC) to work together and to improve their professional skills... Read more

Save the date for the next TweetMeet

TweetMeet on live-embedding content: Join #OneNoteQ on Apr. 4

The first Tuesday of the month is right around the corner, which means it’s time for another #OneNoteQ TweetMeet! Take part in our conversation by following along with #OneNoteQ on April 4th during both our 10:00am PDT and 4:00pm PDT sessions to learn, share, and ask the experts! In this TweetMeet, we’ll be discussing how you can raise the bar in OneNote by... Read more

An illustration depicting women teaching and learning STEM subjects.

Bring STEM to your classroom with games, coding and kits from our Microsoft Education partners

Earlier this month we celebrated Women's Day and the launch of our #MAKEWHATSNEXT campaign, designed to empower women and girls in science and technology to achieve more. A recent study conducted by Microsoft revealed that most girls become interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) at the age of 11-and-a-half, but interest cools around the age of 15. The... Read more

Paul Watkins stands before his classroom and students.

3 time-saving tips from teachers using Office Lens

Any educator with a mobile phone can put Office Lens, a convenient app that acts as a point-and-shoot document scanner, to good use in their classroom. Office Lens can cut paper clutter by digitizing your classroom, help organize your note taking and make it simple to share documents with students and other educators. In that same spirit of collaboration, we’ve asked... Read more

A library with an Earth globe in the foreground.

Make your old computers new again with Neverware’s CloudReady Office 365 education solution

Many schools face budget challenges and need affordable technology solutions for both software and hardware. Neverware has created a new solution to help schools utilize their old computers. Neverware’s CloudReady: Office 365 Education Edition is a fast, affordable and secure operating system that allows schools to transform old computers into the high-performing and safe... Read more