Australian Education Case Studies

There are plenty of other education case studies from Australia on the worldwide case studies website. Here’s an interesting batch:

  • Catholic Education Office Paramatta uses SharePoint 2010 to run a new knowledge management system to serve their 78 schools and 6,500 staff. What’s interesting about their approach is that they have implemented it as a collaboration system, including both a wiki and a workflow system. As Leon Bro, the Principal Consultant at the Artis Group, put it “It is everything to everyone. It is a document management platform and a business intelligence tool. It is a presentation layer and a data source. It’s an information management tool and full enterprise architecture in a box. It’s everything you need it to be.”
    Read the full CEO case study
  • Curtin University moved to the Cloud, with [email protected] last year, with the help of Dimension Data. Their IT challenge is to support 40,000 students on 11 campuses across 3 countries, which they solved by using a hosted-email and collaboration system in the Cloud, replacing an existing on-site system which had become difficult to maintain, and limited for users.
    Read the full Curtin case study
  • Drummond Memorial Public School used SharePoint to help their students and teachers collaborate with their partner schools, using wikis and blogs as a way of engaging people.
    Read the full Drummond case study

You can see all of the Australian Education case studies from the last year online. (And this handy link will show you the last 90 days worth of global education case studies)