The perfect student laptop?


Overnight, the Student PC offer for Australian students came out, which is a package with Dell of a high-specification laptop, and all of the main software that a student needs, including Windows 7 Ultimate (which means that they can be connected to a domain network at campus), Office 2010 (which include OneNote) and Microsoft Security Essentials (to ensure that anti-virus protection is there from day one).

And the other compelling thing is that the PC is loaded with what’s called the "Microsoft Signature" software – which is notable for what isn’t included. Which means that it doesn’t have the trial software (bloatware?) that’s installed on most new PCs – the little applications that pop up messages, and by extension also slow down the boot-up of the computer and the way it runs.

The final tip is that the pricing is specifically set for students – at one third of the normal RRP. So it’s a fully loaded laptop for just over $1,000.

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