When software is indistinguishable from magic

Sometimes you see people do something with software that looks more like a magic trick. The really visual examples end up on the stage at TED. But sometimes the examples are just too technical for a broad audience – like the two videos below about desktop optimisation.

I’ve heard about the power of virtualised desktops for a long time. And it was when I watched this video that it all clicked together for me and made sense of just how useful this would be for an education customer. The ability to deploy a massive arrange of software applications, without having to worry about them clashing with each other or causing your computers to become unstable. And the way that the applications, operating system and user files can just follow your students around.

Because most education network systems were setup before this kind of technology became popular, it’s little used in schools today (although increasingly in higher ed). But this approach seems to solve lots of real problems that IT managers in education face every day.

Watch the two short demonstrations (both in plain english!) and see if you can distinguish the difference between ‘magic’ and the ‘optimized desktop’.

Part One – an overview


Part Two – the really magic bit