Are you using Internet Explorer 6 anywhere in your establishment?

imageAlthough Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) is now over 10 years ago, and has been superseded by IE 7, IE8 and now IE9, one in 10 computers around the world are still running IE6. And that’s a bad thing for the rest of us. This is because instead of building amazingly cool websites, the web developers and designers keep having to make compromises for the small proportion of people using IE6 (3.2% in Australia today). Which means the rest of us get websites that are less visual, less graphical, and, well, just less cool.

So there’s now an IE6 countdown clock on the web, and another campaign to persuade people to upgrade from IE6, so that we can all move to the beautiful world of HTML 5.

If you’re running IE6 on any of your school, college or university computers, it’s time to stop.

You can find out the latest IE6 numbers on the IE6 Countdown website. And you can also download a short snippet of code for your website, which will display a message if somebody comes your way whilst they are running IE6. It looks like this (Don’t panic, you’ll only get this message normally if you are using IE6)


This is also important because if you’ve got parents or students accessing your school or college website using IE6, then I reckon there’s a very good chance they haven’t updated their computer recently – with all of the trouble that implies for security etc