Danish schools use the web in exams

Last week I wrote about the call for more examinations to use IT – to more closely follow the style of learning and working today. At the back of my mind was the fact that in some Scandinavian countries this has been happening – and I’ve finally found the info.

In Denmark, in 2009, the government started a pilot where they were delivering examinations online, and students had full access to the internet during them. Although they were forbidden from messaging or emailing each other or people outside of the room, they were allowed to use the internet to hunt down relevant information. You can read the full story on the BBC News website.

Going back to the example of my daughter from the last post, this would be fascinating. If she had full access to the web in an exam, would she be able to focus on the task in hand, or would she be distracted off to other places and end up lost in Facebook? I think that would actually be a pretty good test for her future employers – because if she can’t stay on task in an exam, what are the odds that she’s going to be able to stay on task in the office. Quite a nice test of employability skills!