Kinect sets the Guinness World Record for fastest selling consumer-electronic device

imageI read this morning that Kinect, for the Xbox 360, is now officially the Fastest-Selling Consumer Electronics Device, according to the  Guinness World Records team. 8 million Kinects were sold in the first two months – an average of 130,000 a day. If new consumer technologies are going to habitually be adopted that fast, then we’re going to need a different scale on diagrams that show how technology makes its way into homes, like the one below:

Although Kinect has been developed and released as a gaming technology, it has potential in other areas, and there are already 3 pages of videos on YouTube of Kinect hacks – where people have hooked it up to PCs and are using it to invent completely new ways of interfacing to computers. Perhaps we’re going to see ideas where technology supports teaching and learning in a more immersive way – and will make standing in front of an interactive whiteboard look very old fashioned.

And if you fancy being one of those to make it happen, then you might want to keep an eye out for the Kinect Software Development Kit – which will be free for use within education.