Marist College case study – moving to SharePoint for administration

CIO Australia featured a case study on Marist College in Canberra, which has completed their move over to SharePoint as a basis for their future development of their administration and teaching and learning systems. One of the difficulties I have always had when describing SharePoint is that it can do so much, it is almost impossible to put it in a brief paragraph. Ultimately, it’s a platform upon which you can build other things – process flow, document management, social networking – which means that the same basic functions can be used for many different things. Think about document management and process handling – in a school, that’s as relevant for enrolments, homework assignments or meeting minutes.

So it is good to read about a College where they see that platform potential, and have a plan in place to extend the strategic use of SharePoint over time. Their first move was to use it as a way of bringing together isolated pockets of information. According to Michael Plenty, the ICT manager at Marist College who’s quoted in the article:

  Being a school we started to look for learning management systems as a first port of call, but a couple of us had some knowledge of SharePoint…and we realised a lot of [what we wanted to do] would be covered off by SharePoint.  

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