MIS Magazine’s Cloud Computing special

My Cloudy morning routineI have a few spare copies of the March edition of Australian MIS magazine, which is a Cloud computing special.

You can see my morning routine perfectly in this picture – get into the office early, then set to on coffee, email and filling my brain with interesting reading before the day shift arrives at 9am.

Alongside all of the articles about the opportunities of the shift to the Cloud, it also highlights (on the front cover) the challenges it creates, and calls it ‘a shadow over the IT department’. What it means by that is the changing nature of IT jobs, as it goes on to say:

  Dark side of the cloud
The global shift towards utility computing promises big capital savings for business and government. But will they come at the expense of jobs?

And Julian Bajowski even goes on to list the kind of jobs under threat – Storage Managers, Exchange Deployment Specialists; Infrastructure Managers.

Given that education appears to be moving to the cloud faster than many other business areas, maybe you should have a read!

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* Doesn’t seem right to not have any small print. So let’s make some up: I have a small pile of magazines, and I’m happy to put one in an envelope if you send me your address. But once they’re gone, they’re gone.