The mindset of a university CIO

If you’re working with University IT teams, you’re going to eventually be talking with (or wanting to talk with) the CIO. After all, there’s a common belief that they are involved in all the key decisions. But if you’ve not worked with many before, how do you approach the conversation? What is it that they will want to hear about?

Sadly, I can’t answer that directly for you – because each CIO is different – but I can point you towards a fantastic CIO interview of Mick Houlahan, who’s the retiring CIO of the University of Western Sydney. He talks about his last 20 years, and some of the challenges and successes from that time. There’s a few interesting numbers – like the fact that although student numbers have nearly doubled, the IT staff have remained the same. And the number of applications they support has quadrupled from 35 to 140.

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