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Marquette University LogoLast week I wrote about Marquette University switching from a traditional PBX to using Microsoft’s Lync, which had been featured in CIO magazine. Pretty soon after I realised that perhaps that original article had been prompted by an official Microsoft case study of universities using Lync, focusing on the Marquette University implementation.

The official case study includes a lot of detail about their implementation, and what caught my eye was the quote from Dan Smith, the Senior Director of IT Services at Marquette, talking about the choice they had between Microsoft’s Lync and the Cisco solution they also considered:

  At the time, with the Cisco solution, all we got was the phone. What opened our eyes was that with the Microsoft solution on the desktop and the interoperation with Outlook, we got so much more.  

After creating a one-stop shop for students, using Lync’s Instant Messaging and presence to make it more effective, they are now looking at creating a ‘Help Desk Bot’ that will enable students, faculty, and staff to send an instant message through Outlook Web App or the Lync client to the help desk when they experience technical issues. The instant message is automatically routed to an available help-desk agent.

Learn MoreRead the full Marquette University case study on Microsoft.com

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