Cloud migration strategies in Education

I’ve just updated the list of webcasts on Cloud migration strategies – which focus on the migration of internal Microsoft business applications to the Cloud with Windows Azure, by adding the interview with two key architects – Scott Richardson and Tom Woods.

They talk extensively about the cost-saving aspects of moving to the Cloud, but one of the other parts I found interesting was the framework that they have used to assess all of our internal applications. As organisations think about Cloud migration strategies, there are both technical and business issues to consider. Scott and Tom talk about the way that they used some set criteria which allowed them to develop a prioritisation framework, based on two key aspects:

  • Business aspects

– Criticality of the application
– Regulatory issues
– Information sensitivity

  • Technical aspects

– Complexity
– Monitoring needs
– Access to source code
– Database size

By rating applications on these criteria, they were able to categorise each application as Basic, Intermediate or Advanced. And then they could used these to plan what to move to the Cloud and in which order.

The parallels between our internal business systems, and IT systems in education are strong. If you were to do the same for your application portfolio (whether you’re a software developer or CIO), what would it look like? And do your current plans reflect the priorities?

You can download the MP3 of the interview here, or use the link below for the full list of webcasts:

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