Copenhagen Business School moves to the Cloud

imageCopenhagen Business School recently switched their student email to the Cloud, using [email protected].

The case study video below goes into detail about their selection and approval process (they involved students alongside the IT team in the selection process) and one of the quotes in the video reminded me of the closeness between Business Schools and future employers: "We liked the fact that everyone at some point in time has been in contact with Microsoft Office, which is why we chose something that people could recognise."

One of the quotes in the video is something I’ve heard quite a few times when talking to customers, but it always strikes me as odd when I hear it:

  The transition has been very smooth….we heard almost nothing from the students. And we take that as a sign that it has been a success  

It’s almost as though the measure of success for IT implementations is that nobody has noticed you’ve done anything. And, if that is the case, then perhaps IT is underselling the business value it delivers to the organisation!

View the video on the main Microsoft website