Webinar – Managing Documents and Content in SharePoint 2010

Icons_teacher_blueThere’s a webinar on 21st April from 12:30-2:30PM (AEST) that will be of interest to all of those who’ve got SharePoint, and are working out how to get more value from it.

  Everyone can dig a hole to store content, finding that content and getting it out again is the key.  

The challenge with SharePoint in education is to move it from a tactical asset (somewhere to put files and distribute work) to a strategic asset (to use it to improve the model of teaching and learning in your school/college/university). One of the challenges of building a great SharePoint is to stop it turning into the dumping ground for info (just becoming another Shared-Drive). In education I’ve seen great examples of student portals, where students use it for everything from homework assignments to exam revision; and parent portals, where parents can easily find attendance and attainment information for their children, and can access all of the previous school reports. And there are plenty of tricks that can be used to make it easier and simpler for different groups of users – for example, to allow students to email their work from home straight into a document library at school.

So this webinar, on 21st April, will be really useful for you if you want to know what your SharePoint is capable of – and some insight into ideas that could be used to support your teachers and students.

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