What are the key issues for University CIOs in Australia?


CAUDIT (the Council of Australian University Directors of Information Technology) has just published a really useful list of the key issues for University CIOs and IT Directors within Australia – or, as they describe it, those issues which were keeping them awake at night.

They are:

  1. Mobility & Personal devices
  2. Cloud Computing Issues
  3. Funding & Resourcing
  4. Data Storage & Management
  5. Business Continuity
  6. IT staff – Re-skilling for the future
  7. Governance & Strategy
  8. Constant Change
  9. Research Support
  10. IT staff – Recruitment & Retention

If you’re working with University CIOs in Australia (or hoping to), what do you do that could help them with managing or solving these issues?

Learn MoreA summary, including the trends for the last 3 years can be downloaded from their site