Moving to the Cloud saves four schools $20,000 in the first year

imageThere’s no shortage of interesting case studies of schools, colleges and universities moving to the Cloud, to save money and improve the service to students and staff. The one I’ve just read, of Mendon-Upton Regional School District in Massachusetts (yep, I had to get the spelling checker going!), is interesting because they did the detailed work to identify the cost savings they made. Unlike the big Education departments in the states in Australia, this School District is pretty small – just 4 schools, including one high school. But even so they’ve saved $20,000 in the first year of switching, and forecast they will save another $10,000 every future year.

What they did was move their students and staff onto the [email protected] email service, so that they could provide better support for their users – for example, by giving staff access to email on their smartphones. They also encouraged greater collaboration with the use of Office Web Apps and SkyDrive – allowing teachers to easily transfer lesson plans and presentations between home and school, and also for sharing photo and videos with students and other staff.

Why did they move to the Cloud now? Well, cost pressures were huge, and as Joe Leacu, the Director of Technology, said:

  With the savings enabled by our move to [email protected], we are able to preserve other IT initiatives that had been considered for cancellation‚Ķ.  

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