University of Bologna moves to [email protected]

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The University of Bologna, is the world’s oldest university, operating continuously since 1088. One of Europe’s largest universities with 85,000 students, it’s also become synonymous with leading change in the Higher Education sector since the creation of the Bologna Process, which is overseeing the harmonisation of academic standards across Europe.

With such a long tradition and significant influence, it’s good to be able to report that they have moved their student email system to Microsoft’s Cloud-based [email protected] service. It gives their students access to a improved email service, as well as the additional collaboration features, such as the Office Web Apps – allowing students to work on a single document together, and avoiding the need to email versions between themselves.

As one student puts it, in the video case study:


I am able to study and work even when I’m outside university, wherever I am, thanks to new technologies which allow me to study and communicate with professors and friends anywhere


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