Using Open Source Moodle with Microsoft cloud services – case study

Whilst businesses have customer-relationship management systems, and online shops, the education equivalent is a Learning Management System (LMS) – something that will help a school, TAFE or university to deliver learning resources to their students, wherever they are.

There’s a diverse bunch of learning management systems in use in Australia – Blackboard, Desire2Learn, the RM Learning Platform, Uniservity, SharePointLMS – across all sectors. Whilst these tend to be fully-managed systems (where the software is installed on your own servers by the supplier or in a cloud-delivered hosted service) some people have chosen to build their own LMS by bringing together different components from different suppliers.

Education Labs logoAs Computerworld reported recently, Redlands School in Sydney is one of those, where they have integrated an open source Moodle Learning Management System with the Microsoft cloud-based [email protected] email system (using a plug-in from Education Labs). They use Moodle as the main portal for learning resources – whether the student is within school or at home. And by adding integration to the [email protected] email system, it means their students now have single sign-on to their email, and cloud storage, straight from the home page of their Moodle system. As Christian Jean Sellies, the Redlands Director of ICT, is quoted as saying:

  At Redlands, students and staff use Moodle as an increasingly important resource in their online learning. One of the key reasons we chose Microsoft as our hosted mail provider was the availability of the plug-in for Moodle to bring the students’ [email protected] mailbox into their Moodle homepage. Since rolling out [email protected], we find that the majority of students access their mailbox through their Moodle lessons.  

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