8 out of 10 students want to see more blended learning

Lecture capture – by video and audio – and making that available to students is a growing option to produce a blended learning environment. Some lecturers are worried that students may not turn up to their lectures (leading some to say that they will only stream lectures live to “genuinely ill’ students), whilst others are plunging into making all their lectures available online – either publically or through their Learning Management System (LMS).

But what do students think about making recordings of lectures available?

A recent survey, published on eCampus News, was based on students in the States. Some of the student responses were:

  • 70% of students said watching lectures online was as effective as traditional in-class lectures
  • Students surveyed nationwide (by Echo360, a lecture capture supplier) ranked lecture capture technology as the most important blended learning technology resource on campus (ahead of LMS and Interactive whiteboards)
  • 90% of students said they would use a captured lecture video if given the choice
  • 84% of students wanted to see their institution expand the use of blended learning

Interestingly one of the issues that they identified in the survey was that competitive students were less keen than others – seemingly because it gave them less opportunity to show in front of their peers!

Learn More buttonYou can read the eCampus News story here, and the full survey is linked from the Echo360 press release