IT managers getting ready for Office 365

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the Office 365 training courses for developers to help them prepare for the move to the Cloud (or a hybrid of Cloud and On-Premise systems).

Office 365 logoNow it’s time to think about typical IT customers: there’s a different set of training videos for IT managers and their teams, that helps organisations to understand what Office 365 can do, and how it is managed. In the context of Office 365 for education, we’re going to see it take off pretty rapidly, as it helps to solve challenges that CIO’s and IT managers are facing today – like cost management, reduced capital budgets, and ever increasing need for collaboration services which can be tricky to deliver within a conventional IT infrastructure.

When the free version of Office 365 for education is launched, it will initially provide the email capabilities, and have other capabilities added as time goes on, although an education customer could choose to subscribe to the full paid version to get Lync and SharePoint Online immediately (and this isn’t quite as unlikely as it sounds, because there are plenty of scenarios where it will be very cost-effective to put groups – eg a staff team – onto a paid subscription to deliver a project, especially where collaboration is needed between schools).

Starting with an Office 365 overview, the videos then dive down into the administration processes, and the management of identity and access, and how to use Office 365 in hybrid situations (so that you still have a single user database, and use that to control access to both your on-premise and Cloud-based IT systems).

I’ve not included the videos of SharePoint and Lync administration in Office 365 above, but they are available on the link below too.

These videos are a great way to learn what is possible with Office 365, and to assess what scenarios it is likely to address for education customers.

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