Using SharePoint 2010 to create a Learning Gateway – case study

One of the schools that I worked quite closely with in the UK was Twynham School, a high school on the south coast of England. The school staff were in regular demand as conference speakers, sharing their experiences of enhancing learning and their school community through the work that they had done with ICT – and as a result, they are widely known for their SharePoint work.

Travelling 13,500 kilometres to learn from another school isn’t possible for everybody, so it’s great news that Mike Herrity, the Assistant Head Teacher, and Dave Coleman, the ICT Manager, have organised a webinar. Unfortunately it’s at a very un-Australian-friendly time – 7pm UK time/4am Sydney time Sad smile

Here are the details, if you’d like to attend in your PJ’s (or if you’re from the UK or US, where the timing works):


Many of you will have heard bits of the story of Twynham School and our creation of a well-established learning platform using SharePoint. Through various case studies and presentations at conferences around the world over the last 5 years we have been very fortunate to be able to show our work creating compelling custom applications and engaging students and teachers to gain high user adoption. We have had quite a break from presenting and writing up our work for nearly a year and so we thought it might be useful to put a free webinar on to show you some of the new and exciting things we have done with our learning platform, SharePoint 2010.

What’s new with Twynham School SharePoint 2010-11

In this webinar we will take you through our initial work creating a highly developed Learning Gateway from 2007-10. In the second half of the session we will break out into new code the team has written which has not been shown to anyone yet. This includes:

  • A whole new ‘My Site’ development with custom skins which allow the user to create a themed environment.
  • A fully searchable SharePoint Knowledge Base for end users, admins and developers to support them working with SharePoint 2010.
  • A CPD (Continuous Professional Development) system which removes the paper chase from work requests.
  • SharePoint Rewards system which enables teachers to instantly award points to students who can see their scores in real time.

Mike Herrity and Dave Coleman will be presenting this webinar live on Wednesday 6th July at 7pm BST/2pm EDT/4am Sydney time!

Register to attend here

Want this at a sensible time for Australia? Email Mike directly and let him know. Or send him a tweet. I’m sure if enough of us ask, then they’ll do it…and in the meantime, take a look at Mike’s SharePoint in Education blog