Can you move to the Cloud without training users? Pittsford Central School District think you can

Today’s case study is Pittsford Central School District in New York State, who upgraded their email system from an onsite Exchange system to the Cloud-based [email protected] email system, saving $40,000 a year. The savings come from reducing the need for hardware and software licences, and the associated maintenance. But the real benefits come from the services delivered to the teachers and students. As Jeff Cimmerer, the Director of Technology, said:

  File incompatibility, versioning conflicts, work left on the home computer or a misplaced Flash drive—[email protected] will put out all those fires.  

The other interesting thing is the way that it is being rolled out to the students and staff – the implementation will involve no formal promotion or training, because student adoption of [email protected] will be entirely voluntary. According to Charles Profitt, the Systems Administrator:

  We are not mandating the use of [email protected], because we’re confident we won’t need to. Based on the enthusiasm of staff members who participated in the pilot and of students whom we recently polled, we anticipate a 90% adoption rate by our third year of having implemented [email protected], and following it, Office 365  

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