How to list your applications on the Windows Azure Marketplace

Unsurprisingly, since I wrote yesterday about the first Australian education software to be listed on the Windows Azure Marketplace I’ve had a couple of emails from Microsoft partners who also have Azure applications that they’d like to be listed. So, for them – and others who haven’t yet sent the email Smile – here’s the answer:

Listing software on the Windows Azure Marketplace

As of today, you can only sell your applications through the Windows Azure Marketplace if you are in the US, but it will be expanded to additional countries in the coming months. However, you can have your application listed (as Avaxa did), and benefit from the exposure. All of the information that you need to do this is on this page: Publishing on Windows Azure Marketplace. The same method also applies to datasets that you might want to publish – either free datasets, or ones that you want to sell with a subscription fee.

Here’s the short video from the Azure team that shows how to add a software or data listing on the Azure Marketplace:

Short video walkthrough (saves a lot of reading!)

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