Technology, Cheese and Soda – and reward systems

One of the new features on the MSDN network (which this blog, and thousands of other Microsoft blogs sit on) is a Recognition and Achievement system. It’s a bit like earning points and medals in Xbox – you get little virtual medals for activities. This works for all members of the community – and across the blogs, support forums etc. For example, if you create an account and add a comment to this blog, you’ll get a ‘New Blog Commentator’ Bronze badge on your profile.

Our computer is currently going through the MSDN history, to tot up Achievements for the past – and dishing out little medals. At the moment, it’s caught up to 2009, so there’s a couple of years of activity to catch up with – but I’ve got a rack of medals that a Soviet General would be proud of:


The Blog-All Star medal is apparently “Awarded to bloggers who publish an incredible amount of blog posts” (which is my case is a few thousand over the last four years, on five different Microsoft blogs), but it’s no reflection of quality. Especially as I’ve just noticed that the latest one it has graded is:

It was a blog post on the UK Schools blog, immediately following an internal conference in Atlanta, where I wasn’t able to talk about the conference content, so instead I had to focus on the social activity of the week – a visit to the World of Coke and an attempt to provide tasting notes for all of the 65 flavours of soda on offer! To be honest, achieving 15 minutes of fame with that blog post is plain wrong.

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