Ten of the best – SharePoint University websites

After the list of school websites built on SharePoint from earlier in the week, here’s another handy (and subjective!) list of Ten University SharePoint websites. These websites are all public facing, and by building them on SharePoint, it means the universities can manage the content in exactly the same way as they manage their other resources – and use SharePoint’s workflow to manage the publishing process. But enough of the SharePoint Content Management story – let’s get down to the pictures:

Click on any of the images to link to the live website

  1. Northern State University, USA
    Northern State University website

  2. Saïd Business School – University of Oxford, UK 
    Saïd Business School – University of Oxford

  3. Coventry University, UK 
    Coventry University

  4. University College London Hospitals, UK 
    University College London Hospitals

  5. Harvard Business School Executive Education, USA 
    Harvard Business School Executive Education

  6. Furman University, USA 
    Furman University

  7. University of Wales, Newport, UK
    University of Wales

  8. The University of Colorado Denver Business School, USA 
    University of Colorado

  9. Chalmers University, Sweden
    Chalmers University

  10. Washington University in St. Louis – Olin Business School, USA

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