The University of Applied Sciences Kiel and CRM in education

There’s a growing number of case studies on customer relationship management (CRM) in education around. For example, when the Kiel University of Applied Sciences wanted a technology partner to provide CRM software for engineering students to learn about sales systems used in the workplace, they chose Microsoft Dynamics.

Kiel University of Applied Sciences in northern Germany has 5,600 students across six faculties, including the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. It has a reputation for innovative degree courses with intensive modularized learning in small groups. The university’s engineering faculties customise their curriculum to meet the needs of local employers for graduate recruits with a particular emphasis on IT skills.

In the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Dr. Rainer Geisler wanted to get a group of 80 students using the same technology on the course that they will later use in the workplace – to give them an employment advantage.

  Our feedback from local employers is that they want to recruit graduates with hands-on IT skills in CRM technology. eCONNEX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM have helped fill this gap in our curriculum.  

The university is particularly proud of producing a first generation of graduates who are skilled in technology-rich sales and marketing techniques, as well as e-procurement – which reflects on their teaching reputation.

This case study is similar to the CRM in education project at Curtin University in Australia, where they are using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM with students to manage their industry engagements. For more details of Kiel’s project, have a quick read the ‘University of Applied Sciences Kiel’ case study.

Both of these projects are being used by students, as part of their courses. More commonly in Australia, CRM systems in education are being used for student lifecycle management – especially recruitment and Alumni management. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for good case studies on those areas too.

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