The Australian Government’s ICT strategy for Education

There are all kinds of interesting documents that describe the Australian Government’s ICT strategy for Education, so here’s a summary of some of the key resources you can use to research the market.

If you’re from outside of Australia, it’s important to know that there is a Federal strategy – which applies to all states, and then State strategies for each individual state. They normally mesh together, but it’s common for a federal strategy to be implemented in different ways in different states (in fact, it’s sometimes the strategy for some states to ensure that they implement things differently to their neighbouring states)

What I’ve linked to below are the strategic plans for education ICT for the three largest states and the Federal government.

The Australian Federal Government Education ICT Strategy- ‘Digital Education Revolution’

New South Wales Government Education ICT Strategy

Queensland Government Education ICT Strategy – ‘Smart Classrooms’

Victoria Government Education ICT Strategy – ‘Digital Learning Statement’

If you have links to the plans for smaller states, please add a comment below with a link, and I can put them into the list.