The Education Sessions at Australia Partner Conference – Part One

This week the entire education team has been up in the Gold Coast at the Microsoft Australia Partner Conference 2011 (APC). It was a packed week – hundreds of our partners from right around the country, along with a sizeable chunk of the Microsoft team – which was a busy mix of keynotes, breakout presentations, group meetings, one-to-one meetings, and a healthy dose of socialising.

As part of the agenda, we took a two hour dive into the education business, and talked about many different aspects of the marketplace, our future strategy, and what we’re doing to help our partners. As this is a public blog, I can’t publish all of the information here, but over the next couple of days I’m going to share as much as I can, and provide links to the resources we referenced.

And for the benefit of those partners who were at APC, I’m going to try and stick to the order we used on the day. There was so much information packed into the session, it’s going to take me quite a few blog posts…

Where possible, I’ve included the original slide info, so you can click on any of the slide thumbnails to see the enlarge image.

Meet the Microsoft Australia Education Team

We kicked off with George Stavrakakis, the new Microsoft Australia Education Director, introducing his team. All of the people on the first slide were in the room – our Account Management teams for the three main states:

  • Microsoft Australia Education Team - NSW - QLD - VICMark Kenny for Queensland
  • Claire Jorgensen for New South Wales
  • Trudi Grant for Victoria.
  • Each of them is supported by their Account Technology Specialist – Lance Baldwin, Andy Reay and Emilio Parente.

Next George introduced the broader team across the rest of the country, including:

  • Microsoft Australia Education Team - other states and segmentsEducation Account Managers for the other states (Graham Lawrence for NT, Savvas Neophytou for Western Australia, Rob Santucci for South Australia, Michael Bennet for Tasmania and Brian Senior for ACT)
  • Our account team for Catholic and Independent Schools – Ken Rankins, Mark Caldwell and Vanessa Gage
  • Our Higher Education team – Lucy Segal and Mark Tigwell

And finally, just some of the other members of the education team:

  • Microsoft Australia Education Team - the hangers-onme, looking after partners
  • Clive Dillen who is the Education focused person in Microsoft Services
  • Jane Mackarell, our Academic Programmes Manager – who runs the Partners in Learning programme in Australia

And that was just the core group covered. There’s a large group of others that George mentioned who didn’t get their smiley faces onto the slides, including our Education licensing specialists, the marketing team, the Academic team in DPE and our colleagues from Microsoft Research.

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