The Education Sessions at Australia Partner Conference – Part Three

This is part three of a series, covering the Education sessions at the Microsoft Australia Partner Conference.

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State Education Strategies slide

Australian State Education Strategies

I talked about the need to ensure that we, and our partners, are able to align to the strategic priorities of our customers. And a great way to do that is to understand the strategic plans. The example I used was the Strategic Plan for 2011-2015 for the Queensland Department of Education and Training, where they explicitly talk about performance enhancement and the need to:

  …continue to strengthen the analysis and use of performance data, research and evaluation to improve the delivery of services [and] improve the use of information management systems to monitor performance, inform decision-making, improve resource agility and productivity, support knowledge sharing and facilitate open and transparent communication.  

Below are the links to the strategic plans for education ICT for the three largest states and the Federal government.

The Australian Federal Government Education ICT Strategy- ‘Digital Education Revolution’
New South Wales Government Education ICT Strategy
Queensland Government Education ICT Strategy – ‘Smart Classrooms’
Victoria Government Education ICT Strategy – ‘Digital Learning Statement’

Of course, they aren’t always the principal drivers for every project in every state – but they are a great place to start if you want to understand what’s driving direction.

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