The Education Sessions at Australia Partner Conference – Part Two

This is part two of a series, covering the Education sessions at the Microsoft Australia Partner Conference. Read part one (The Microsoft Australia Education Team) here

I covered an overview of the Australian Education market – and to the relief of some, I didn’t spend time digging down deeply into the data – let’s face it, that’s better digested in detail later. So I shared three statistics, relevant to each of the sectors.

Three headline statistics for Australia Education IT

Australian Government School spend


The first is that the Australia government spends $12,873 per student on school education – and that’s grown by almost half in the last five years. (Detail freak? Don’t worry, more details below)
Australian TAFE income

The second statistic is that TAFE spend grew by 11% for the last year that the stats are available (2009) – and the interesting point is that most of the growth came from non-government sources, including employers etc

Australian Higher Education IT budget


And the third and final statistic is that universities in Australia spend around $1.6 billion on IT annually, and employ 1,600 staff. Which makes it a huge market (but then, so is the schools IT market, when you have CIO’s in some states responsible for $500m budgets).

Forget the overview – give me the detailed statistics

Now, if you’re a detail person, you might want a bit more than the statistics above. And I’ve got plenty – although I skipped them in the presentation, here’s the hidden slides I saved for now


If you read enough statistical reports, you can get to the neat summary alongside, which shows where the investment is going – approx $57 billion of funding split between the three key sectors.

An interesting statistic is that non-government schools (Catholic and independent schools) receive approx 60% of their budget from the government.

For the source reports, see SchoolsTAFEsUniversities
imageThe next set of statistics gives you a picture of the number of institutions across each sector, as well as the numbers of staff and students.

An interesting stat on this slide is that there are 60 TAFEs, and 1,711 other private training providers.

For the source reports, see SchoolsTAFE staff & students – University staff & students



The breakdown of schools across each state shows why so many ICT providers for education focus a lot of effort on the three states in the East – New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, as they have the majority of schools and students.

For the source reports, see Schools

For TAFEs and Universities, you can see that the pattern doesn’t quite match the profile of schools – with a blip up in the number of TAFE’s in Western Australia.

For the source reports, see TAFEUniversities

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