The University of Sydney Tech Lounge


I went along to the launch ceremony for the Student Tech Lounge at the University of Sydney yesterday. We’ve worked with the university to create a common room space for students, with plenty of social space for relaxation, and lots of new technology around to bring out their creative side.

MS Lounge-4The technology is everywhere, but it didn’t seem particularly intrusive – in one corner students competing at dancing with Xbox 360’s with Kinect, whilst in another a small group using a Microsoft Surface for collaboration – and in between plenty of cool looking laptops and Windows Phones. There were some amazing laptops and touch screen computers which I’d never seen before – including an amazing Acer Iconia dual-screen laptop.

As the press release described it:

The collaboration between the University and Microsoft is an innovative addition to a wider University program, the Learning Networks Program. This program aims to extend and modernise on-campus learning and social spaces for students, based on student feedback that indicated the need for more places to work collaboratively in addition to independent study areas. Dr Michael Spence, the University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor, explained a bit about the wider goals:

  We’re working hard to create more informal learning spaces and expand access to technology for our students to support learning in its broadest sense – in and out of the classroom  

MS Lounge-12The students weren’t the ones whole felt immediately at home – I did too, mainly because it was designed within the themes of old school common rooms and had retro, comfy furnishings (Retro to students = Memories for me). They’d even decorated one of the walls with old LP covers – bringing back some memories too. More photos on ZDNet’s report and the University’s facebook Tech Lounge Album.

It even got featured on LifeHacker

Oops – I thought I was being discrete there yesterday, but we obviously all got spotted according to the comment on facebook