Windows Azure Platform Architect Workshop – Sydney 6-8 September

Classroom iconIf you’re a Microsoft partner and thinking about the move to the Cloud, then you may be interested in attending (or getting the right colleague to attend) the Windows Azure Platform Architect workshop, that is scheduled on the 6-8 September in Sydney. It’s an in-depth workshop that is designed to give you the information and skills needed to be able to support your customer Cloud scenarios.

Some of the things to be considered when moving IT services to the cloud are:

  • What scenarios are good for the Cloud – and what might you want to leave on-premise?
  • How to assess – security, compliance, complexity, latency?
  • What are the questions which will help technical qualification?
  • How does an existing identity security model translate to the Cloud?

The workshop is specifically designed for senior architects in Microsoft partners who are designing infrastructure services for enterprise-level customers, although it’s not specifically for education partners.

Although there is a cost for the event (just over $140), the real investment is in the time and engagement involved in the workshop.

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