Education ministers back new national standards in four subjects

Icons_books_blueThe Education Review website carried the story this week that the state and federal education ministers have agreed a common set of future assessments standards to go with the new Australian curriculum:


State and federal education ministers have endorsed assessment standards for the new Australian curriculum and a framework for national teacher registration.

They have also got behind a proposal to fund professional development for principals and a national model to identify students with a disability.

The standards by which students will be assessed are to be streamlined nationally in the new curriculum subjects of maths, science, English and history, school education Minister Peter Garrett says.

"We already had the content, now we have the validated standards against which students will be assessed," Garrett said after the ministers met in Melbourne last week.


As you think about the future in schools in Australia (either because you’re in one, or because you are a supplier to them), then there’s a clear trend that’s likely to follow this, based on what’s happened in other countries around the world – expect to see increased focus on those subjects where there’s both a national curriculum and agreed national assessment standards.

In Australia, that means that maths, science, English and history will get an increasing focus as the national curriculum is rolled out, until both the curriculum and assessment standards for other subjects are agreed.

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