How many Internet-connected devices do your students have at home?

Of course, we all know we’re living in a connected world, with ‘always on’ technology. Our students have never known a different one. My children live in a fairly high-tech household, but even I was shocked when I realised we’ve got 13 internet connected devices in our household – all squeezing data through a wireless router connected to a very thin Internet pipe. My kids have never experienced anything else. So this video, which gives you a trip across a day full of hidden devices, wouldn’t seem strange to them – it’s how they live.

This was made by the Windows Embedded team, to show some of the places where Windows exists

I know I’ve grown up in this world too, but it’s when you stop and think about the huge change that’s occurring that you realise that the ‘old ways’ of doing things are gone forever.

What made me think about this was the fact that I was in a supermarket, whilst on holiday, that was selling packs of 3.5” floppy disks. Three things hit me: (1) I didn’t realise people still used floppy disks (2) How did I ever cope with storage media that could only store 1.44MB (3) For my kids, it was a museum exhibit, just like a dinosaur – they were extinct before they were born!