The Consumerisation of IT, and education – presentation slides from Melbourne

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When I was down in Melbourne speaking at a Fujitsu briefing for schools I said that I’d put the slides up onto this blog – and then I forgot. Fortunately, I’d also given out my email address, so I got an email reminding me about my promise….

I had the opportunity to talk at the issues surrounding the consumerisation of IT – and what it means for schools when you’ve got a broad range of devices arriving on your campus. They they may not all be owned and managed by your IT team, so it potentially turns an already-difficult job into a nearly-impossible one! Although the event was focused on schools, in reality this is impacting every sector of education today.

Although I haven’t got a recording of the session, you can download the slides here, which will hopefully be useful to people that were there, as well as some of those who weren’t (although, without the words, some slides will make absolutely no sense!)

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