The value of data visualisation in education

By all accounts, we’re already, or soon going to be, drowning in a sea of data. The amount of data being generated every day, hour, minute or millisecond continues to climb exponentially. This is true whether we’re talking about our home lives or professional lives. There is so much data we can barely keep up, and we’re only at the beginning of the data tsunami.

This is an issue for education too, because, as McKinsey identified, in the journey from a ‘good’ education system to a ‘great’ one, there is an assumption that we already have high quality performance data available. But having high quality performance data isn’t just about the volume or accuracy of the data – it is also about how easily understandable and usable it is. (This is at the heart of the difference between ‘databases’ and ‘business intelligence’ in education. The challenge we face is about producing useful information, not just data.

Which is why this video is so powerful – and a great way to explain to colleagues that simply collecting data, and putting it into spreadsheets and reports, is only part of the challenge of making it ‘high quality’ data.


The Value of Data Visualization from Column Five on Vimeo.