What skills do your students need to work in the world’s greatest workplaces?

Hopefully it’s the same for you, but I rarely get that ‘Monday Morning’ downer. Of course, weekends are rarely long enough, but I can live with that. Maybe part of the reason for that is highlighted by the latest Great Place To Work survey, which highlights the 25 World’s Best Multinational Workplaces 2011. Out of 350 multinationals, Microsoft was ranked as the number one best place to work worldwide.

imageBut what I wanted to highlight was a different point – as I looked down the list, it struck me that half of the top great places to work around the world are ICT companies. And that includes the top 4 (Microsoft, SAS, NetApp and Google). The remaining half are a diverse mix of transport, manufacturing and services companies.

It’s a great justification to remind your students that they should continue to study STEM subjects.

Want to land a job after you leave school? Get a good education.

Want to land a job in the world’s greatest work places? Get a good education and get a technology qualification/skills.