Another take on qualifications – thought about the Microsoft IT Academy?

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IT Academy Programme If you’re running the ICT systems in your school, and NOT running the curriculum ICT, then you may want to forward this onto the ICT Curriculum Co-ordinator. Although it’s got ‘IT’ in the title, the IT Academy is actually all about curriculum development and helping your students/staff to gain commercially valuable qualifications.

imageI’ve mentioned the Microsoft IT Academy scheme a few times recently, but not gone into the detail. Basically the scheme offers schools the chance to deliver Microsoft’s IT training and qualifications to your students and staff. The qualifications that you can deliver will help your students (or even parents in your community) raise their skills to prepare for business roles, or potentially for technical employment as web developers or systems administrators.

The chart on the right (click on it to see the BIG version) shows the routes to the qualifications that students can attain. And because the qualifications are instantly recognisable in the commercial sector – like MCSE qualifications – it is an instant help with preparing for employment.

But this isn’t just about student qualifications – it can also be used to provide training and qualifications for the wider community, and this is exactly how some of the current IT Academies use it – which is either helping to generate a revenue stream, or to increase parental engagement.

Once you’ve signed up to be an IT Academy, the scheme includes all of the following resources:

  • Over 300 Microsoft eLearning courses
  • A bunch of software licences
  • Discounts on Microsoft Certifications and Courseware
  • An MSDNAA & TechNet Plus Subscription
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer Membership

And yet it doesn’t cost a fortune (just over a couple of thousand dollars a year for a typical high school)…

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ps You may not want to tell the curriculum side, but it’s also a great way to get yourself an inclusive MSDNAA and TechNet Plus subscription if you’re having difficulty getting it paid for otherwise!

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