Briefing for Education Partners in Sydney on Wednesday 30th November

If you’re Sydney-based, and working for a Microsoft partner, then I’m hoping that you’re planning to come down to The Big Picture partner day this Wednesday, at the Sydney Convention centre at Darling Harbour. Although you can drop it at any time during the day, I’m hosting a specific briefing session for our education partners at 11:15-11:45am.

Education Partner Briefing – 11:15-11:45

The aim of the education partner session is to ensure that you have the information you need on our licensing programmes and promotions, and we’ll take a look into three specific opportunities in the 2012 education market. The session is just half an hour long, and then there’ll be an opportunity to have a chat with other members of the education team who are going to be at the event (I can help hook you up with the person who looks after your target market, eg private schools, or TAFE, Higher Ed etc)

Partners who have attended other briefings we’ve run often find that the chance to catch up with our sales team is one of the most useful bits, as it can help them to get really clear insight into a market or sales scenario. But, of course, I’ll have some hand-crafted PowerPoint slides for our half-hour together too!

You can either drop in just for the Education partner session at 11:15, or come along earlier for the keynote and other sessions that are part of the whole Big Picture event.

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Plan to arrive early? Here’s my suggested agenda:

The keynote speaker, at 9:15, is Steve Vamos who’s talking about leadership, innovation and how the potential of people and organisations is greater than ever before. And then at 10:30 you join either the Cloud or Future of Productivity sessions before our session starts at 11:15.

Plan to stay around afterwards? Here’s what you can do:

If you have time after the education session finishes, there are plenty of individual demonstrations that I’d recommend you take a look at – for example, just after the education partner session, there’s the chance to join the mini-sessions on ‘Social Networks for the Enterprise’ in the Future of Productivity zone, ‘Moving from Data to Decisions’ in the Insights 24/7 zone, and ‘Cost Effective Disaster Recovery’ in the Mission Control zone.

The Big Picture for Microsoft Partners event is open to any staff at Microsoft partners, and having spent the day at the The Big Picture down in Melbourne, I’d definitely recommend putting aside a few hours to see some of the ways that we’ve constructed demonstrations of our products and services – there’s plenty of ideas that could be applied in your customer demonstrations.

There’s plenty of information for the partner day on The Big Picture website, and you can use the link to register too. The event’s open from 8AM to 5PM, in Hall 5 of the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour.

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