How do you prepare for paper-based exams in the age of IT?

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Interesting story in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald, about the dilemma for today’s students. Their everyday learning is commonly taking place on or with a computer – writing essays in Word not with a pencil, researching online as much as through books, and developing high level skills as they draft, revise and improve their assignments in the same way you and I do in the workplace. And then we put them into an exam hall with pencil and paper, and expect them to work completely differently for their high stakes tests.

Rachel Olding’s article “The pen’s no longer mightier but still important” takes a look at the challenges that creates. It covers the changes between the ways and tools students are learning, and they tools they use in critical assessments. And it includes this insight:

  …a student at Riverside Girls High, says some classmates had taped batteries and weights to pens to strengthen hand muscles weakened by tapping away on keyboards.  

Almost diverted my eye from the bizarre references to Moodle as ‘noodles’ Smile

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