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Since we launched the new Microsoft licensing programmes for education earlier this year, with their snappy names of EES (Enrolment for Education Solutions) and OVS-ES (Open Value Subscription for Education Solutions), we’ve had good feedback on how they have radically simplified licensing for our education customers.

I was in Melbourne speaking at an event a couple of weeks ago, and one school actually said to me “I keep telling the other companies we deal with that they need to make their licensing much simpler, like yours is now.”. As a 25 year veteran of Microsoft education licensing, I can assure you that was a bit of surprising (and pleasant) moment!

What the scheme does is to allow schools to simply count their Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) staff, and then decide which software to license, and that gives them their core desktop licensing agreement under either scheme. Then they add on a ‘student option’ for any devices that are dedicated 1:1 for students, and any additional products (like servers and Microsoft Project/Visio etc), and then they’re done. There’s a similar scheme (just under EES for their servers too).

  • EES is for organisations or consortia with more than 1,000 FTEs
  • OVS-ES is for organisations with less than 1,000 FTEs

Many customers are saving money under the new scheme, and one of the significant benefits is that it takes out the peaks and troughs of IT spend, as instead of big lumps of software purchases, you pay a single consistent subscription fee each year.

Although many education customers already know about this in Australia – of the 3,000+ non-state schools, nearly half have signed up to the scheme – there are still lots of individual schools out there (independent and catholic schools) that would benefit from looking at the new schemes to replace their existing licensing arrangements.

Ultimately, the choice is there for the customer to decide which one works best for them, but to encourage all of our Authorised Education Resellers (AER) to have the conversation with their customers, we’re running an incentive programme for education partners until the end of December, which is applicable to partners promoting the OVS-ES programme for customers with less than 1,000 FTEs.

If you’re a Microsoft Education partner in Australia…

If you’re an AER, you should have heard about the programme from us directly by email, but just in case you haven’t, you can register and find out more at the EEScore website (What are the odds we’ve sent the email to somebody who’s out on holiday for a month, and when they come back, it’ll be down the bottom of their inbox?)

If you’re not an AER, then I assume you’re not selling licences to education customers (because only AERs have access to the special academic pricing), but if you want to, there’s more info on the AER programme here.

There are two webinars coming up for partners, covering both the EES and OVS-ES programme, on 17th November and 1st December – both at 10:00-10:30AM. You can register here

If you’re an Education customer in Australia…

If you’re a customer and buy your own licences, and you’ve not heard about this from your regular Microsoft partner yet (either EES or OVS-ES), then I suggest you get them on the phone, as you don’t want to be last to find out the details! If you want to find your local Authorised Education Reseller, then you can look them up on this AER Search page

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