Using the Cloud for research in Higher Education

After two weeks of discussions with various groups in universities in Australia about using the Cloud for research in higher education, here’s a couple of press items that caught my eye that are relevant to the discussions:

CSIRO to mesh Azure Cloud with HPC infrastructure

According to ComputerWorld, CSIRO are integrating its high performance computing infrastructure with Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud to support ‘computed tomography reconstruction’ and virtual labs. The CSIRO eResearch director, Dr John Taylor, is quoted in the article:


In addition, Taylor said Azure could provide a platform for CSIRO to build virtual labs that will enable scientists within CSIRO and Australia — with plans to expand internationally — to work together online and have quick access to the same software, tools and data resources.

“Instead of having to chase around and ask their colleagues what they’ve got, what tools they might have, what data they might have, we’ll make it all available in the Cloud and potentially build international laboratories based on this Cloud infrastructure,” he said.

According to Taylor, employing Cloud-based infrastructure will offer the CSIRO access to greater speed and storage.


You can read the full article “CSIRO to mesh Azure Cloud with HPC infrastructure” on the ComputerWorld website

Fujitsu-Microsoft cloud floats to Australia

From IT Wire comes news that Fujitsu have announced that they will be providing a hosted version of the Azure Cloud here in Australia:


Australia will be one of five countries initially targeted for a hybrid cloud based solution announced overnight by Fujitsu which allows organisations to use Microsoft Windows Azure components, but choose where their data is located. For Australian clients that means they can choose to keep their data in Australia – overcoming the data sovereignty issue that has held many back from a holus bolus race to the cloud.


The reason that this is an issue is that some research and other public sector organisations have a need to use a cloud data service, but want to be able to keep their data within Australia. Although, in my experience of these discussions, it can often be caused by a cloud understanding of what the regulations require – and the cost implications of private vs public cloud often changes decisions!

You can read the full article “Fujitsu-Microsoft cloud floats to Australia” on the IT Wire website