Video conferencing in the classroom – Generation-e and Polycom events

Generation-e Event invite header

Generation-e, one of our education partners, is running three events on video conferencing in education, on 22-24th November. They have a long history of working with education customers across Australia, as providers of unified communications systems using Microsoft’s Lync (phone, instant messaging, video conferencing, live remote teaching etc). They’ve worked with schools who have switched off their old telephone system, and increased collaboration by replacing the phone system with a voice, video and IM system. They’ve also done a similar project with Vicdeaf, where the instant nature of the video connections means that they have introduced new accessible messaging options between staff (as you can see on this Vicdeaf case study video)

Here’s the information from the Generation-e team on the events:


Use Video Conferencing to Enrich Learning
You know the technology… but how can it be applied in the classroom?

Many schools have started to understand the value video conferencing can add for students and staff alike and are looking to acquire this technology. In addition, recent Government Funding has made Video Conferencing even more obtainable for schools. The reality, however, is that once these schools gain access to this amazing technology, many educators find themselves at a loss as to what they can truly do with it.

To show educators exactly how video conferencing can help achieve learning outcomes, Generation-e and Polycom would like to invite you to attend one of our FREE interactive events scheduled throughout the month of November.

Each of these events will allow you to experience exactly how interactive knowledge sharing and cross-cultural understanding can be incorporated into your school’s blended learning approach. Every event will include:
– virtual field trips
– virtual classroom experiences
– a variety of live cultural, scientific and musical video conferences
– an introduction to a wide range of education technology resources

Come along  to take part in this great exercise and see how you can enrich your students’ learning experiences, make curriculum more powerful and provide opportunities for professional development any time, from anywhere, over any network.


Learn More

There are three events – one at the Polycom offices in Melbourne, and two webinars. But, let’s be honest, the one on the 22nd at the offices would get my vote, as you’ll get to meet with colleagues from other schools, and it includes wine & cheese. The two webinar options would definitely be BYO – but much more convenient if you’re not in Victoria!

  • 22nd November, 4 to 6pm, at the Polycom offices at 20/8 Exhibition Street, Melbourne – Register here
  • 23rd November, 1 to 2pm – online webinar – Register here
  • 24rd November, 3:30 to 4:30pm – online webinar – Register here