Most popular Education blog posts of 2011

Screen iconI arrived in Australia at the end of January 2011, and setup this Education blog on the first day of the new school year. I aimed to pop up a blog post every working day, with two goals:

  • Help you discover useful info on ICT, Education and Microsoft’s role in it
  • Help me to learn more about the Australian Education marketplace

Well, after writing 295 blog posts in a year, I can definitely say I’ve learnt a huge amount about the Australian Education marketplace. I can’t count the statistical/research/consultancy reports I’ve read, the people I’ve had the chance to talk to whilst preparing to write something, and the news stories and press announcements I’ve had to dig into and behind to get to the core facts. It’s been a great way of understanding the Australian education system.

So here, out of almost 300 posts, are the most popular blog posts on this Education blog:

The most popular Education Blog posts of 2011

This was the easiest list to compile – what was more difficult was trying to understand why each of these individually became popular education blog posts.

  1. Something for the weekend – free eBooks from Microsoft Press
    A list of free Microsoft eBooks on subjects including Windows Phone, SQL Server 2008 R2 and Office 2010
    This blog post from March shot to popularity when it went viral through Facebook, and then hit the front page of LinkedIn
  2. 21 things that will become obsolete in education by 2020
    A commentary on Shelly Blake-Plock’s two-year-old list of potentially obsolete things in education
    I only wrote this in November, but it hit the number 2 spot after going viral on Twitter, as well as becoming the subject of an extended discussion on the University of the West Indies online learning system!
  3. Ten of the best – SharePoint School websites
    My subjective list of the sites I believe are the best school websites built on SharePoint
    This one hit the top ten partly because it gets a lot of traffic from people searching for ‘best school websites’ and ‘best SharePoint sites’
  4. Windows 7 SP1 Releases
    A straight news item about the release of the SP1 for Windows 7
    Hit the big-time because for a short period it turned out to be the number one search result for Windows 7 SP1 in Google
  5. Business Intelligence for Universities
    A list of case studies of universities saving money with the CALUMO BI system
  6. One in six schools block Wikipedia
    One snippet from a survey in Australia, and suddenly a top-ten blog post!
    This got a lot of interest in the worldwide Wikipedia community, many asking ‘Why would a school block Wikipedia?’. Also the most commented blog post.
  7. Moving to the Cloud – the Microsoft experience
    Case studies of how we’ve moved business critical applications to the cloud – and what we’ve learned along the way
  8. Ten of the best – Australian education websites built on SharePoint
    Yup, one of my subjective lists again
  9. Ready-made IT user documentation
    A whole bunch of user support teams around education have found these handy starting points for their own user documentation
  10. A pile of Microsoft technical e-books now free for Kindle and iPad
    This is linked to the Number 1 spot – but this time with additional formats for Kindle.
    Somehow the use of ‘free’ ‘microsoft’ ‘e-books’ ‘Kindle’ and ‘iPad’ seemed to act like catnip for people searching on Google

And just to re-assure you, I still plan to keep on sharing – and learning – in 2012 too!