Using Kinect in the classroom for music teaching

Ask the Music TeacherGareth Ritter, who’s a music teacher from Wales, was one of the teachers who took part in the Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum, in Washington last month. When I met Gareth last year he was talking about the work that he’d been doing with his students, weaving technology throughout his teaching in order to engage students in their learning. Given his enthusiasm, it didn’t surprise me to see that he was a finalist for the Awards at the forum, and I was pleased to find a video recorded by a colleague at the event, where he talked about what his students had been doing – creating tracks, recording their own CDs, and ultimately getting signed by a record label. They recorded a series of YouTube tutorials that have been watched over 25,000 times and continuing to grow.

imageI’d recommend taking a look at Gareth’s website – Ask the Music Teacher – where you can find the tutorials, his teaching blog and an audio showcase of the students’ work. The individual tracks are well worth a listen, and make a great benchmark – and you can download the whole CD free too.