Cutting paper use in Education – Paperless January

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Have you made any New Year resolutions yet? Or more to the point, has your institution? Because for all of our personal commitments (lose weight, drink less, exercise more) there are some things that can only change if everybody in an organisation tries to do tackle them. So here’s my contribution to a New Year’s resolution for education IT people: Cutting out Paper

I’ve noticed that Australian education institutions seem to have a never-ending affair with paper, both inside and outside of the school. Paper forms for everything, lots of paper-based notices and newsletters, photocopies of assignments and books, and lots and lots of printer and photocopier paper arriving regularly. So I’m going to offer a new tip every weekday of January, to help you in cutting out paper use (or, at the very least, reducing the amount of paper whizzing around your school/college/university). A 10% reduction for your institution would probably mean hundreds of thousands of sheets less, so there’s a bunch of money saving that can happen to.

My oft-repeated example is that a typical high school in the UK uses 2 million sheets of paper a year, and the Australian examples I’ve come across so far are way higher. So the potential savings are much bigger too.

Keep an eye out for the ‘Cutting out Paper’ icon all month…

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