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Some Free February Appy-ness with a new piece of free software for teachers from Microsoft every day in February. Many of these items are unknown heroes, but they all share two things in common: 1) They are useful for teachers or students and 2) they are free.


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pptPlex is an Office Labs experiment that uses Plex technology to give you the power to zoom in and out of slide sections and move directly between slides that are not sequential in your presentation. It’s good for teaching, as it allows you to move around your prepared presentation without having to go from slide 1 to slide 2 to slide 3 etc. So you can arrange your content into sections, and move between sections.

The other thing that is important is that you can share your PowerPoint with people that aren’t using pptPlex – and they just see a normal PowerPoint presentation. This means it’s ideal for teachers who want to share it with students, but allow themselves more flexibility in classroom presentation. It’s ideal where your lesson doesn’t fit a straight sequential flow, as it’s a very different way to present/teach.

Although Microsoft aren’t actively developing or supporting it any further, based on popular demand we’re keeping the download available for anyone who might have missed it. pptPlex is a research prototype developed as an exploration of an alternative method of presenting Microsoft Office PowerPoint slides. This plug-in allows you to arrange slides on a canvas then zoom between the slides during the presentation. You can move around the canvas and show groups of slides, individual slides, or even zoom in to show a particular section of a slide. You can use pptPlex can help you organize and present information in a non-linear fashion.

Personally, I’ve found that although it is tricky to understand the concept to start with (because we’ve been conditioned to the idea that presentations start with slide 1 and finish at the end), it can be incredibly rewarding to use, especially if you tend to tell stories rather than deliver slides, and also if you have highly graphical content.

Where can I find out how to use it?

There’s an excellent video on YouTube from Alessio Bernardelli, who teaches in Cwmbran in South Wales, (see below) that shows you how to use it, from start to finish, in 4 minutes:

Alessio has also written a blog post describing how he uses it in history teaching, on the Teachers blog.

There are plenty of other demonstration/tutorial videos for pptPlex on YouTube – one of my favourites is this one, which shows you that you can embed live documents – Word, PDF and Excel spreadsheets – into your presentation.

Where do I get pptPlex from?

You can download the free pptPlex add-in from the Microsoft official Downloads website. It works with PowerPoint 2010 and 2007.

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